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Jatindra Nakade
- Founder and Chairman


I am Jatindra Nakade. It's pleasure to share a word with you.

For the past 25 years I have been in the travel industry serving hundreds of clients in divers industries and set ups.

My passion towards this industry and my love for travelling, trying new destinations, my adventurous soul resonates with people of all generations including today's youth.

It is said that if you go to places of hill stations, spots of arts & nature, places of worship you are purified in your thinking about the approach to the world. Your power is widened to see the various things in the world. By visiting many places person becomes wise and clever.
There is saying in Marathi 'Kelyane Deshtan Pandit Maitree Sabhet Sanchar, Manuja Chaturya Yetase Far'.
One should remember that life is limited and change is spice of life which can be experienced by visiting places.
Travel links is exactly helping you to do this since 1991.

Clients have been with me for years and they do keep coming back to me over and over again. I am post graduate in commerce but it's my real world experience that best differentiates me from others in the industry and gives me edge over others in terms of

  • Business focus
  • Confidence
  • Creative thinker
  • Determination
  • Relationship builder
  • Risk taker

For the past 30 yrs I have focused on.... write what you believe in your values

Currently I am Chairman of TAAI (Travel Agent Association Of India) Nagpur chapter. We are authorized IATA (International Air Transport Association) and also authorized agent for various domestic and international airlines. Our computers are directly linked to the airlines computers hence the information you get here is instant, correct and latest. Our whole office is connected by LAN with the fastest internet services network to provide best services for you.

You will get an enthusiastic personalised service from us.

You and your travel experience are important to me.
I look forward to developing a long term relationship with you as your travel organiser.

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Madhuri Nakadee
- Partner

Hello I am Madhuri Nakade. Welcome to our Webpage.

Being a wife of a travel enthusiast and his love for life, travel and people brought me into his business.
He used to work as a manager for two travel agencies before establishing TRAVEL LINKS on May 1991. I still remember one fine day he came home and said that I think I am ready to start our own business. At that time it was a huge decision mostly because we were having two kids one 7 yrs and other just 2½ yrs old. But his conviction and confidence was so strong that with just a table and a chair he started Travel Links at our own home and I thought if he is so confidence let's do it.
I gave all my support as possible for me from time to time. Over the years I have become an active participant in all his business activities.
From a table and chair to a fully furnished and technically equipped office at the heart of the city it has been quite an adventurous journey.
As of now we have many loyal clients who are satisfied with our service and travel with us more often. We are ticketing partners for major companies at Nagpur. We have arranged tours for major companies from Nagpur, Akola, Gondia, Wardha like Wipro, LG, Doctor's convention and tours for the IMA Nagpur branch, LIC Annual trips and conference, Doctor's batch get together abroad, family tours and also almost 150 school tours for more than 15-20 schools.
I hope this number keeps on increasing and we get a chance to serve you.

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Rushabh Nakade
- Partner

Hello, a warm welcome to our webpage.

I am Rushabh Nakade and I look after the international wing of tours and travels. My dad started this company and now it has grown into a big-organisation. I wish to nourish it but with a touch of modern technology so whatever new technology you see in our office you know the man behind it.

I regularly carry out international tours and most of the time accompany them too. Right from the ticketing to visa to hotels to meals to cabs to places to visits  to rides everything is planned and coustomade just for you so that you can get the most of it.

I believe thoroughly in customer satisfaction and their happiness because that only goes long way in building a steady and strong relationship with the clients. My dad has good clientale and now by bonding with their next generation and adding more clients to an already good list I have made it sure that the journey continues even farther.

I believe life should not be monotonous and boring but it must be colourful and filled with moments worth remembering for a lifetime. These moments can be treasured by discovering new opportunities... opportunity to meet new people, discover new places never seen before and experience the soul stirring happiness and satisfaction with your loved ones that these small get aways or trips provides which fill our hearts with joy and bring our loved ones closer.

Although I am based in Nagpur, I work across Maharashtra, India and around the world. Recently... I booked a tour for my clients  from dubai..etc

So I am eager to serve you and give the possible packages at beautiful eye catching destinations.

Seasons Greetings And Regards

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